Organizational Effectiveness

Who are your customers? What are their needs? Whether you’re an internal department whose customers are within your own organization, or you’re a large organization with clearly defined external customers, articulating customer needs is the starting point for our alignment process.

Once customer needs are clearly defined (for today and the future), we will work with you to clarify what success looks like. Clarifying success in specific terms will drive the strategies and goals for your organization in practical terms. We will help to align, integrate and measure your critical success factors throughout your organization in order to demonstrate your desired results: success in meeting your customer’s needs.

We recognize that making strategic choices and clarifying priorities has the potential to ruffle feathers throughout the organization. Our team members are certified and trained change management experts who will support you with effective change management processes and tools from start to finish.

“I’d been running a fifty million dollar department in a large organization for years but had never thought through or defined what success looked like. This process helped me and my leadership team get the clarity we needed to understand our customer’s needs and define success for my department in meeting those needs. This planning process resulted in a new sense of focus for my team and has aligned our work, processes and deliverables to better serve our customers.” Chief Information Officer, BC

“Our warehouse provides products to our organization’s other sites. Before this process, we had no meaningful definition or measures of success. We’d lost focus on our customer’s key needs and were not tracking our customer feedback or mistakes. Working through this process allowed us to engage our key customers in meaningful discussion around their needs and now we have key performance indicators in place to measure the right things. We’ve significantly improved our working relationships and service orientation within our organization.” Executive Director, AB