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At EnGauge we have both the experience and the fresh thinking to meet your needs. We work with leaders at all levels to deliver engaging processes and approaches that are customized to meet the unique needs and scope of your organization.

Doreen Perschon, MA

PrincipalDoreen Perschon, MA Principle

Doreen has a Masters Degree in Business Leadership and 12 years of success working on Culture
transformation. She is certified in Prosci/ADKAR change management, has been trained by General
Electric in their Change Acceleration Process and is currently working on her Mediation, Third Party
Intervention Designation at the Justice Institute of BC and the University of Calgary.

Doreen designs and applies customized, research-based, proven processes to organizational Culture,
strategic alignment and leadership development driving teams to excellence and improved

Doreen uses her gifts of empathy and insight to engage leaders and employees in
surfacing the undiscussibles that, if left unaddressed can undermine organizational effectiveness.

“Doreen has the courage, talent, desire and energy to succeed. Many people only have maximum 3 of the 4 criteria.” Chief Operating Officer, AB

“Doreen set the bar high for what she would deliver from the focus groups she led. She exceeded my expectations and the feedback I received from participants was outstanding. She was organized, prepared, to the point and made it a great experience all around.” Manager, Red Deer

“We have been fortunate to benefit from Doreen’s expertise.  Her background and approach were a great fit with our team.” Executive Director, Calgary

“Doreen was interviewed by the union steward prior to being selected to work in a very toxic and challenging situation. Her professionalism, energy and on-going commitment made her a valuable partner in working through our group’s issues.” Site Manager, Calgary

Dr. Laura Calhoun, FRCPC, MAL(H), CEC


Laura has been in the medical profession since 1986, first as a Family Physician and then as a Psychiatrist. Since 2010 her work has mostly been in health leadership and she is currently a senior medical leader with Alberta Health Services. Laura has a Masters Degree in Health Leadership and is a Certified Executive Coach.

Laura is especially interested in working with medical leaders and multidisciplinary teams who want to move their performance to the next level. She understands the complex nature of health care and uses individual and team coaching to help teams dig into and overcome interpersonal and intrapersonal differences.

Laura’s style is warm and empathic she is able to establish trusting, genuine relationships through productive questioning and deep listening. She works with teams to surface buried elephants and undiscussibles that, left unaddressed, can sabotage teams’ effectiveness.


Erin McGarvey, MSN


Erin, a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Nursing (adult education focus) has worked in the healthcare industry for 16 years in both clinical and leadership roles. She is currently working on her Mediation, Third Party Intervention Designation at the Justice Institute of British Columbia and, additionally, is trained in process improvement, visual strategic planning, project management, conflict resolution, and change management.

Based on her experiences in large, complex organizations, Erin has developed a passion for working with people at all levels of an organization, big or small, to tap into their potential for leadership and ability to engage in effective teamwork and continuous improvement.  In 2014 Erin was recognized by the British Columbia Patient Safety Quality Council for her “…pioneering accomplishments…and an ability to inspire others in achieving significant and positive impact across the health system.”