How EnGauge Can Help

Here are some of the reasons why our clients decided to invest in our services to achieve their goals:

  • “We are trying to introduce a big change in our information system that our employees need to adopt and support”
  • “Morale is really low on our team”
  • “I need to address the amount of sick time and stress leave my staff are taking”
  • “We’ve been challenged to recruit and retain new talent”
  • “I’m worried about the increase in customer complaints and afraid that we’re losing our customer focus”
  • “We’ve been seeing increased incidences of bullying behaviors”
  • “My team isn’t as productive or efficient as they should be”
  • “I’d like to improve the professionalism of my team”
  • “I don’t know how to make my team more accountable for their behavior and performance”

If you’re struggling with understanding what employee engagement means and why your organization should care about it, or would like to find out how our team can support your team in improving your organizational effectiveness and operational efficiencies, contact EnGauge Consulting.

Highlights from a 12 Month Resurvey for a business team

  • 46% improvement in employees being empowered to resolve customer issues
  • 51% improvement in management and employees working together
  • 30% improvement in interdepartmental teamwork
  • 35% improvement on employee intent to stay

(Red Deer, AB)

Highlights from a 16 Month Resurvey for a clinical team

  • 46 % improvement in team performance & accountability
  • 59% improvement in manager effectiveness
  • 40% improvement in scheduling
  • 30% improvement in orientation and training

(Kelowna, BC)