Employee Engagement

Leaders have an innate and clear understanding of the symptoms present in a team or organization that are not functioning at optimal performance. The leadership challenge is to get clarity on the key issues, priorities and solutions in order to generate greater engagement, effectiveness and results.

Our six-step collaborative process leverages stakeholder feedback at each step to identify and prioritize key issues and generate proposed solutions for leadership consideration.

1. Employee Consultation

Issues unique to your organization or team are identified through consultations with representative samplings of employees. Using research-based engagement drivers as a framework, employees identify issues and “engagement themes” within your group.

2. Customized Survey

Based on the engagement themes identified by the sample group, a customized survey is developed to provide more qualitative and quantitative detail on the unique issues facing your group.

3. Engagement Index

Survey results are plotted on the Engagement Index. This tool functions like a scorecard and helps you to gauge issues within your organization and to quantify and analyse them. The Engagement Index provides a baseline for future re-assessment.

4. Priority Setting

Through focus groups, employees review the survey results and determine priorities and proposed solutions for action.

5. Action Plans

Leaders review the focus groups’ proposed solutions. Action plans are generated and communicated to employees through team debriefs to solidify plans and begin implementation.

6. Re-Assessment

The same survey is re-distributed to your group after an agreed upon period of time to identify where improvements have been made and where additional focus is required. The re-assessment step provides accountability and support for on-going sustainability.

“This process provided me with the clarity I needed to understand with specificity the key issues in my department. The solutions generated were extremely helpful and have resulted in significant improvements in morale, teamwork, communication and learning. This process far exceeded my expectations.” Executive Director, Alberta

“As a new organizational leader, the results of this process provided a clear and succinct audit on the culture and barriers to success that would have taken me years to find out otherwise. Not only did I gain insight on the high priority issues, but also meaningful solutions I was able to support in order to close the gaps. I could not have asked for a better or more engaging roadmap to success.” Executive Director, Calgary

“Before we started this process, I could not recruit or keep employees in one of my units. Sick time and over time were extremely high and I knew there were issues but didn’t know how to fix them. One year later, there is a night and day difference. We’ve reduced our sick time by 30% consistently, saved $77,000 on over time, we’ve become a model for other units on scheduling practices and we’ve had 4 peer recruitments in the last 5 months.” Site leader, Edmonton